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Simala is a place of worship and devotion. It is a place where you can give thanks and ask forgiveness to the Lord. Simala is best known for its majestic cathedral and stationed crying altar of the blessed Virgin Mary. 

Daily mass is also held inside the cathedral. 

Inside the cathedral, you can get close to the crying altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is believed to help and heal people in need. In fact, a lot of testimonials were displayed on the walls of the cathedral, these are stories of miraculous act, faith and love.

There are also stations where you can light a candle, pray and make your wish. Some wrote there wish on a piece of paper and place it on a box. 

Experiencing Simala makes me believe  that faith bonds people together. It guides and unites us to a direction that makes way to peace. Most importantly, faith brings out the goodness within us.


Passing by Siaton

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Just 1 hour bus trip away from Dumaguete City, in the southern part of the Negros Island, is the place of the people of Siaton.

IMG_1371.JPG This is one of my stopover places as I performed weekly field inventory count as part of my job. So I thought I would like to share it with you.


IMG_1372.JPG Siaton was a home of more than 70,000 people with an approximately 300km2 land area. Fishing and farming were the resident’s primary livelihood.


IMG_1369.JPG Siaton is also the home of Balanan Lake which is fast becoming one of the best tourist attraction in Negros Oriental.

IMG_1336.JPG The place of Siaton is quite beautiful, but what really drawns me to the place is its homey feel. It is a peaceful place that can make you relax and clear your mind. 😉😉😉

this is it!!!

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At last i can now learn how to blog!!! so excited to share my thoughts and ideas on this page and i hope everybody would find it to be both informative and entertaining. This would be a new challenge for me.. ☺️☺️☺️